Hey 👋, I am Samanyou Garg.

I am an experiential learner who dreams, designs and builds exceptional, high-quality digital products and services. I also train machines to teach themselves.


Winner of The Global Undergraduate Awards 2019
(often referred to as the junior Nobel Prize)

For the Europe region in the Computer Science category.

Featured Projects

Some of my recent and the most prominent personal projects.

Magic Email
Say goodbye to painful email reading and writing

Magic Email

An AI-powered email assistant that helps you get through all of your emails 5x faster so you can free up more time for your important work.

  • Generate Professional Emails from One-Liners using GPT-3
  • Generate intelligent contexual replies to inbound emails
  • Summarize Emails in a Click

Featured on Wired and the cover story of Producthunt's newsletter.

Generate High-Converting Landing Page Copy using AI.

Magic Flow

An AI-powered copywriting assistant that makes it super easy and fast for you to create landing pages that drive more leads, sales, and signups... and it does it in seconds.

  • Headers and subheaders
  • Feature Titles and Descriptions
  • Call-to-Action Title and corresponding Button Text
Control your Music, Movies and Slides with Hand Gestures (Touch-Free)


A Mac/Windows app that increases your productivity and makes your life easier and comfortable by letting you control your laptop/desktop from a distance.

  • Works on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Netflix, VLC, Powerpoint and more
  • Support a variety of actions like Play/Pause, Next/Previous Track, Enter/Exit Fullscreen and more
  • No extra hardware needed

Featured on Softpedia, ifun.de, Con-Cafe and more.

Automatically summarize any article in a click


A web app (+ chrome extension) that helps you spend less time reading repetitive and counterproductive stuff, and more on doing valuable work.

  • Summarize any long piece of text into five key bullet points
  • Automatically extracts relevant metadata like author, title and reading time
  • Eliminates online distractions like ads, popups and graphics to give you a clean and focused reading experience

Featured on Lifehacker, pcprofessionale.it, Beebom, Social Media Examiner, Web Designer Depot and more.

Group Emotion Recognition
Emotion Recognition in Real-Time

Group Emotion Recognition

An AI app to recognize the emotions of groups of people in various social environments.

  • Based on a novel combination of deep neural networks and Bayesian classifiers
One platform to keep track of all your domain names


A platform for people who run multiple websites/apps, and frequently buy and sell domains to Track and Manage their domain portfolio on the go.

  • Unified view of your domain portfolio
  • Get notified on change of status of a domain name, well in advance before the end of its validity
  • Compare the registration/renewal/transfer prices from multiple registrars to get the best deal every time

Non-Profit Projects

Projects that I run as a service to the world for Free.

Practice the presence of God in everyday life

Bhagavad Gita

A modern Bhagavad Gita app with a simple, beautiful and easy to use interface, helping you focus on reading.

  • Intuitive, user-friendly design with best-in-class features to greatly enhance the experience of its users
  • Progress tracking and gamification to encourage and challenge you
  • 100% Free + No Ads
Hanuman Chalisa
Dedicated to the Hindu God Hanuman

Hanuman Chalisa

A website + android app that provides a vast collection of mantras, devotional songs, beautiful illustrations, and prayers to offer glory and praise to Hanuman. The information presented on this website is based on sacred texts including the Ramayana, Ramcharitmanas, Shiva Puran and other Hindu scriptures.

Radha Krishna Devotional Songs
Dedicated to Lord Krishna

Radha Krishna Devotional Songs

A top-rated android app that includes tons of Lord Krishna mantras and devotional songs to help the devotees stay devoted to their beloved.

  • 100K+ Downloads and 500+ Ratings on Play Store
  • 20+ Offline and 40+ Online Bhajans
  • Lyrics for all Mantras and Bhajans in Hindi and English

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Hacker News
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